Extracurricular Activities


About Our Music Program

The Arnett music program consists of  Pre-K  thru 6th grade general music classes and a 7th thru 12th grade specialized instruction class. The elementary classes present a Veterans Day Program and a Christmas Program each year. The 5th and 6th grade classes compete as a choir at the Seiling Music Festival and at the Tri-State Music Festival, the 3rd and 4th graders learn to play either recorders or ukuleles at the end of each year. The junior high and high school class does a variety of activities throughout the year such as play guitars and ukuleles, learn theory, sing, and watch musicals and operas. There are also many singing opportunities for students to participate in throughout the year. Circle The State With Song is an honor choir for elementary students which also gives them the opportunity to audition for the Children’s All-State Choir, junior high and high school students can audition for WOCDA Honor Choir, All-State Honor Choirs, and Tri-State Honor Choir.  Students are also encouraged to perform the National Anthem at home basketball games.